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I have a question or correction

Can I bring my dog?  Are you hiring at your new restaurant? Is your event cancelled due to rain?  Will food be available?  I would like to sell my product at your event, how can I sign up?  Your article says Saturday, July 1, but this year July 1 is a Sunday. Can I bring a cooler?

When we write an article about a local event, festival, business, restaurant, etc., we try to include as much detail as possible in that article.  At the end of each article, we typically include contact information related to that article.  If you have an urgent question, please refer back to the article where you can find that contact information and then contact the appropriate person.  We also encourage your comments, questions, and answers in the comments section below the articles.   The comments section is a great place to share your thoughts, connect with others, or let us know about an error in an article.  Also, be sure to check the year in the articles and comments as you may have found an article or comment from a previous year.

TLDR: Please refer back to the article for contact information. 😉